Tuesday, 27 September 2016 20:00

Social transformation through hip hop music

17 years ago, he wheeling born as did most bands of the 90s, in a garage.

Calatrava, neighborhood located in the municipality of Itagui, saw them emerge as hip hop singers. Now, through its social work, their records and the composition of their fourth album, they are positioned among the most prominent rappers south of the city.

Daniel Herrera, 'Koriotto'; Javier Bohorquez, 'Javier'; and Andres Felipe Martinez, 'Gamboa', all over 30 years old are the ones who give voice to wheeling and dealing.


This group of friends, who began recording his songs with an instrumental track and a microphone were the first neighborhood-of which wore clothes ancha- "started making music and singing at home parties".

Rap, music genre belonging to the hip hop culture, is used by many singers as a mechanism of social protest.

However, 'Koriotto' 'Javier and' Gamboa 'ensure that through music can destroy or build, every one who decides which way to turn.


"The microphone is a tool that amplifies your voice, which has convening power, many people in their lyrics incite drugs. We, on the contrary, we seek to transmit positivism, entrepreneurship, self-management, "they say.

The main objective of this group of hip hop is to transform lives, even as 'Koriotto', many people on the street thanked for the music they make and change the way they think.

The example is Luisa Aristizabal following wheeling for six years, and for her, "these three men love what they do and have a very good energy on stage".


For that reason, Aristizabal that always listen to songs that inspire and move on.

Moreover, the Rapper, Caesar pepper known as' Tez ', states that wheeling and dealing has a different musical approach to that of the other groups in the city, "the difference is marked that' Koriotto '' Javier 'and' Gamboa 'focus on the social part, because others are more influenced in rap of Spain. "

The narconovelas, heartbreak, good values, current issues and women inspired the lyrics of the songs of these rappers rhyming with more than background noise want to leave a reflection on those who listen.

In addition, members of wheeling say they have never seen the music as a way to survive economically.

"We must be honest, the music until today does not give us a lot of money, but thanks to social networks can capture audience and market, but we do it for passion," adds 'Koriotto'.

The creation of 'High Fidelity', name of the album that is being recorded and will be officially launched midyear, according 'Koriotto' 'Javier' and 'Gamboa' is due to high fidelity sound, image, music, its roots and the public.